How to be Parisian • Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret & Sophie Mas

“She’s Parisian, which is to say she’s melancholy. Her mood responds to the changing colours of her city. She can feel a sudden surge of sorrow or even hope for no reason at all. In the blink of an eye, all those lost memories and smells come flooding back, reminding her of loved ones who are no longer there. And time passing by.”How to be Parisian

It is a pleasant surprise to have not lost the chance to read the unique quality of information on the pages of How to be Parisian. Although some parts aren’t necessarily agreeable, I find it to be a quick and quippy read. When not maintaining the ‘Parisian pout’ while reading, you may have caught the slight twitch of a smile on my face at the subtle irony and sarcastic humor.

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While I cannot say that every word in this book is golden (I certainly scoff at some), I find this book to be ironically funny and inspiring.

When looking it up on the internet, I sadly discovered multiple poor reviews looking down on it. Some of the information up for debate was in regards to their discussion of cheating. I find their advice on relationships such to be merely a joking matter. It appears some of the internet world took it more seriously. Whichever their stance, I feel it does not disqualify this book as an enjoyable read.


How to be Parisian aides me even more on my minimalist journey.

Since reading, I have started wearing even less makeup than my typical daily routine and am less concerned about how my hair is styled, if even, on a day to day basis. I found it to give me even more confidence in my own skin and something to slightly tickle my non-existent ego (or was that in itself egotistical? If so, I certainly blame it on the book).

“Enjoy the face you have today. It’s the one you’ll wish you have ten years from now.”How to be Parisian

The recipes and advice on hostessing were simple and yet elegant.

Photos throughout the book gave such an atmosphere as to transport one straight to Paris from a reading chair. Let’s not be prone to forget the sense of fashion portrayed as well!


I certainly put off reading this book for far too long. Once I realized I had no more remaining renewals for it at the library, I took it out of its immovable place to give it a deserved attempt before releasing back to be lost in the literary chaos.

What’s on your bookshelf this week?

“Take the time to listen and to get to know yourself. Take the time to change, to grow, to rest. Take the time to say yes, take the time to say no. Take the time to be quiet. Take the time to look after your body, to eat well. Take the time to ask yourself who you are and what you want.”How to be Parisian

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